The foot fixation scene. I will use your face as a foot rest while I read a book or return messages on my phone. If you behave, you might get rewarded.  Expect to be with me for 45 minutes. In studio only

The OTK scene. No requests, no time limit, no mercy. I will use whatever implements I want and let you go when I think you've had enough. In studio only

The standard in studio session. I love to play anywhere from one hour to 8 hours. 

The standard outside the studio session. I will travel to you so long as it is within one hour of Manhattan. 



The play and dine scene Let’s have some fun in and out of my studio! Expect to be with me for 4 hours

The surprise hotel and dinner scene. You will be given an address and room number to a hotel in Manhattan one hour before our scene. I will have my way with you, then you will wine me and dine me! No time limit for this scene, let's just have fun! 

The playtime and city excursion scene. This session will be broken up into 3 parts- playtime, city adventure, more playtime. Expect to be with me for 6 hours

The overnight. This is an extension of the surprise hotel and dinner scene. Want to wake up with me looking down at you? A little playtime before breakfast is always the best way to start the day! MUST BE AN ESTABLISHED CLIENT FOR THIS SCENE. 

The 24 hour session. This is an enhanced version of the city excursion and overnight. MUST BE AN ESTABLISHED CLIENT FOR THIS SCENE. 



The intro session at my studio. This session is for curious couples and it is very casual. Let's talk, explore, play and have fun! This is a good way to break the ice for those new to playing. Expect to be with me for 2 hours

The intro session at your place. This session is for curious couples who are within one hour of my studio, it's very casual. Want to know how to discreetly rig your bedroom? I will give you ideas, we can go toy/gear shopping and then, how about a little play? You'll have me for 3 hours *Note that if travel is more than one hour away, the tribute will be higher. I do not travel more than 2 hours away.