Please note before booking

I do not have a set schedule, as I prefer flexibility. I book sessions as they come, so the more notice, the better the chance of seeing me. 

Preferred hours are between 9am and 9pm. Note that there may be an additional charge to see me outside of my preferred hours.

I do not book late night appointments. I do not book same day appointments. 

MY HARD LIMITS -switching, wrestling and full toilet. Note that body worship is a privilege, not an option. 

I am also not interested in personals or houseboys.


If you are a novice, send as much info as you can. If I think we are a good match, you will hear back from me. Know that a screening call via Niteflirt is mandatory. Joining OnlyFans is another fantastic way to show me that you are serious about playing. See links.
Embellish! Give me as much info as possible. Also indicate if you are into light, medium or heavy play. PLEASE NOTE MY HARD LIMITS , WHICH ARE LISTED ABOVE THIS FORM
ASAP not acceptable! Specific dates and times please.
Include a phone number and/or email address- NOT A WEBSITE!! Yes I will check on you. Indicate how long you have known your professional for and feel free to give me more than one name. HOUSES DO NO COUNT. If you have poor references, a screening call via NiteFlirt will be mandatory if you are serious about playing with me.


If you do not hear from me in a reasonable amount of time, it’s because I feel as though we are truly not well suited. Do not be tenacious, just look elsewhere.