The Pedicure/Public Play

After I tied up my slave’s toes, I couldn’t help but notice the terrible state they were in. So he got his very first taste of Bastinado!!! I threatened to take him to a salon for a forced pedicure. Thing is, what color??? I let a little corporal punishment decide that for me. After I tanned his bottom I took a photo and told him his toes were going to get painted the same color as his ass. He thought I was joking. Next thing he knew, he was rigged with Bluetooth electrics, told to dress and quickly usherd out the door. We took a car to the upper east side, where my friend met us. I needed a witness and partner in crime. I also brought an old copy of DDI for him to read in the waiting area. That got him lots of looks!!! When it was our turn to be seen, my friend and I sat next to each other while he sat across from us . We had so much fun playing around with his electrics and turning them up to 100%. In fact, the woman who was treating him thought SHE was being too hard on his feet because he kept squirming and jumping. It was hilarious! At one point all the women were all giggling and laughing at him, what a lucky guy. After our toes were dry my friend went back to work and my slave and I went back to the studio for more fun.