Session with Tess & Lucy Sweetkill

Session with Tess and Lucy Sweetkill

You could not imagine my surprise when I arrived at Tess' studio, ushered into Tess' cage and told to turn around and that she had a surprise for me. When ordered to turn back around, who was with Tess staring at me from the other side of the bars, but Lucy Sweetkill alongside Tess. Both had sinister smiles on their faces. Lucy, who I had not met before, had apparently dropped by to compare notes and Tess told her that she had a guinea pig coming over, so Lucy stayed to enjoy the slaughter. I let out a scream of shock but wasn't given much time to stare before I was directed to strip and hand out all my clothing. I was soon removed from the cage and bound with heavy leather straps and suspended in a hogtied face to the ground position with my cock and ass fully exposed and nothing I could do to protect myself. Of course, they were just getting started. They applied weights and electrics to my vulnerable cock and a di*do in my ass and proceeded with unbearable torment until I begged to come down. Lucy kept threatening in my ear to fist me, which I begged her not to do. After being allowed to taste some of Tess' wonderful Macallan's single malt to calm me down, these two wonderfully sadistic women dressed me as a slut whore and had me entertain them by walking around the studio, If I did not saunter to their satisfaction, the electrics were still attached to my balls and I was encouraged to do better with increasingly harsher and more frequent shocks. The high heels, and then the boots with pins on the feet did not make my job any easier. Tess and Lucy were then joined by a vanilla gf of Tess' to make the humiliation more complete. She led me around the room on a cock leash and took pleasure in taking control of the electric shocker on my balls. The final degradation before Lucy departed was being put into inescapable bndge on all fours on Tess' bndge bed and relentlessly tortured with a di*do, clamps, electrics and a finger spreader. While I was begging for mercy, the ladies laughed in satisfaction at the torment they had created. This amazing session ended when Tess placed me in her leather bndge bag, put me into a totally immobilizing position, and played and edged to her joy. There were a few other indignities that I will keep private from utter shame. Of course, Tess is beautiful, creative and wonderful, but the two of them together, Lucy sadistic and playful, made it for a memorable session that I will not soon forget. Thank you to both ladies.