Domination At Its Finest Indeed

During a recent trip to NYC, I was privileged to session once again with Mistress Tess. An interesting twist here, my previous sessions with her were double domme sessions that included my partner. So, this was my first solo scene with Miss Tess and that made it all the more intense- like we both had been partially denied in the past. 

Rather than write a review of our play (it was fabulous in every respect), I wanted to shout out a few things I've come to enjoy through knowing and playing with her these past couple of years. 

Mistress Tess... first there's her beauty...scorching hot on the outside, the most warm, thoughtful and professional person inside. Wolf in sheep's clothing analogy suits her- she is stunning and will charm the pants off you and then wham, debase and torture you to, and beyond your wildest fantasy. Tess demands and deserves respect, she most definitely has a loyal and deep following, but makes it clear that your submission to her is personal and appreciated. To a great extent, my enjoyment of surrender is to please my dominant and when it comes to Tess, I know if I do my very best to be good, everything gets turned up another notch. 

Her sense of fashion and how she wears it, is mouth-watering. Her playspace is superb. Her toys and instruments of bondage and torture extensive. 

I consider myself lucky to have met, played and come to know Miss Tess and thank her for all that comes with that.