Blue-Ribbon Tanning

My mischievous little g recently got a blue-ribbon tanning on his bare behind! It was SO well deserved!! Our meeting came in two parts- Friday night pasting and Sunday morning inspection. When I entered his hotel room Friday night, I laid out all the implements neatly on the bed. I then proceeded to tell g what I had in mind for his pallid and rascally bottom. I next ordered him to strip, pour me some champagne and lay face down on the bed while I changed. When I reentered the room, I was dressed to the nines in some decadent black lace,. Revved up and ready to go, the games began. The rest is history and poor little g was eventually left vanquished and exhausted. My work was done, I was very pleased. I told g I would be back early Sunday morning to inspect him. I wanted to make sure he left NYC bruised and marked. If his bottom did not meet my standards, he would get canned again with no mercy. Oh how he begged for clemency. As Sunday morning rolled around, I found myself heading back to g’s hotel with nothing but various canes in tote. I was prepared to give him more, but to my surprise, his bottom looked quite exemplary. Marks, bruises, welts, a touch of gore. He got off easy…this time around!