Age Play and Tribulation

Bullied, fucked up and degraded by Mistresses Tess and Alicia

I hadn’t seen Miss Tess in a long time, but we’ve always stayed in touch – it helps that we both have a thing for ‘Wolford’ – but flat out, she’s such a talented domina, absolute knockout and a warm and wonderful person. I had never played with Alicia, but was always intrigued by what I’d seen and read about her – especially this ‘bad-girl’ image that she exudes so naturally. Suffering for these two powerful women would be a dream come true.

After ‘checking in’ and salutations with Miss Tess, she got right to business. In a blink of an eye, I had done as she ordered, stripped down at the bench inside her door, hit the floor and made to kiss hello Manola Blanka heels. Permitted to look up before being slapped, I gazed humbly at her, dressed in her Wolford bodysuit and tights (OMG!) 

Tess tugged on a lovely bouquet of pink balloons and asked me how old I was today, on my birthday. With a general sense of where we were headed, I told her I was now 10 years old. A good guess as it turned out, as she was kind enough to have 10 balloons in her bouquet. 

The first half of my birthday comeuppance was a private family party with my mommy Tess and me. 

For my birthday Mommy was going to toughen me up. Always coming home from school being bullied, Mommy had enough of me being a puss and told me that I was an embarrassment to her. 

For the next hour or two, she pulled me hither and to around her studio – which is one of the most wonderful I have played in. Eventually, I was handcuffed face-down on her table (the one with cut-out down the middle). My body was strapped down and ankles cuffed as well. ‘Move around’ mommy told me. I couldn’t and sobbed a bit, just like a wimp would. I’m no expert in naming bdsm toys, but mommy then made sure I wasn’t going to wiggle around while she beat me. My birthday balls and weenie were tethered down to the table leg excruciatingly tight. Tess brought over 5 or 6 different whips and paddles and had me practice my math as I told to add up the count on six dice to arrive at the number of blows I would take. 

Eighteen! ‘Count them out loud wimp’. In between throws of the dice, birthday pictures were taken and she filled me with lots of her homemade lemonade. Once or twice I yelled loud enough to be scolded – mommy didn’t want the neighbors calling the police or complaining.  

When mommy had finished with me, I was made to lie down on her bndge table. From what I could see it’s got many, many holes (like a pegboard) to restrain bad boys. In this position, I my ankles were locked down. Tess also locked on something quite evil, intended to keep boys from getting an erection. Doing so would be discouraged by the teeth of this device. Even with a bad case of ED, when Miss Tess is crawling on top of you, especially in her Wolford, I felt the pain of the device. Double that when the magic wand is applied for sensation. She placed a little princess crown on my head, gave me more to drink and we had a short break before Alicia called to say she had arrived. 

This second part of our playtime was a lifelong fantasy come true. In fact these two wonderful women wound back the clock to when I was 10 and I used to masturbate thinking of being bullied by teenage girls. Girls develop faster nowadays, but I dare say that Tess and Alicia go way beyond what 14 year olds look. For all my fantasizing, I was about to be bullied, fucked up and degraded by these ‘girls’. 

I could write another page of narrative, but let me try and summarize. These bad-ass teenagers put me in diapers, wrote on me, made me go on their swing, pushed me and made me fall off. They jumped on me and took turns holding me down while the other would r*pe me. Alicia is beautiful, powerful and petite, but her fist inside me felt like a large man was invading me. She also used her very powerful legs scissor choke me while Tess put her magic wand to good use on me. I was sat on by one and sodomized some more. During this part of our play, they also stood over top of me, talking and looking down and spitting on me. There is something about exactly that image that to me, symbolizes female superiority. 

I was released from the pegboard and lured back to their clubhouse on the pretence that they were going to have me join their girl gang. Because it was my birthday, they had me sit on this steel chair, where I was strapped tightly to the back and my ankles locked to the legs in manacles. An IV bag filled with lemonade from both of these bullies was put on a pole next to me. The tube was inserted into my mouth and held there with duct tape. 

At that point I felt like I was in Reservoir Dogs Part 2 as Tess played a CD with some rocking good tunes as her and Alicia were about to really torture me. Cue the music – Welcome to the Jungle of Tess and Alicia. 

Tess brought over needles and Alicia had a staple gun. They also plug in a couple of hair dryers and curling irons. Turns out these girls play dice games too. (Note to all: Never play dice with Alicia, she rolls big numbers and that means more of whatever that’s going to hurt). My birthday balloons were stapled to my chest, legs, back; needles were everywhere by the time they were done, including through my birthday appendage. The IV bag was opened full throttle as the pain of the torture raged on. Tess explained that the IV bag needed to be empty before she would even think of stopping. 

When they had finished their initiation of me in their special chair, I was directed to the bathtub, made to lie down while salt was rubbed on me. In particular, where the curling irons had been love tapped (their words), it was a very nasty feeling. Now that my skin has blistered off, I have three very nasty looking souvenirs of my wonderful time with these fantastic, dominant women. I’d like to apologize to Alicia for running away before she could get her second love tap in. 

Epilogue: The lovely Tess joined me for dinner that evening and I was given the privilege of massaging her feet while she relaxed and read a magazine she likes. I walked her back to her car and said our goodbyes. Alicia, thank you so much for ganging up with Miss Tess. You both are the type of girls I have always wanted to be bullied by.