First and foremost, I hope you have read my website thoroughly. 

I do not have a set schedule, as I prefer flexibility. I book sessions as they come, so the more notice, the better the chance of seeing me. I do not book one hour appointments more than 2 weeks in advance.

Preferred hours are between 9am and 9pm. I do not book late night appointments. I do not book same day appointments.

Note that if you have not seen me in at least 5 years, you will be treated like a new client. So you must send me all the necessary info I require below. Be aware of the new client tribute as well.

Now, please send a polite email to and be sure to include ALL the following information in your email, or you’ll simply be ignored.



YEARS OF EXPERIENCE If you are a novice, send as much info as you can. If I think we are a good match, you will hear back from me so that we can set up a screening call via Niteflirt. Joining OnlyFans is another fantastic way to show me that you are serious about playing.

INTERESTS AND LIMITS Embellish! Be specific and indicate if you want light, medium or heavy play.

WHEN ARE YOU LOOKING TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT  ASAP not acceptable!! Specific dates and times please.


YOUR PHONE NUMBER  All calls are scheduled. If you are not comfortable giving me your phone number, that is fine. We can communicate via email.

MISTRESS THAT KNOWS YOU BEST- Include a phone number and/or email address… yes I will check on you! Indicate how long you have known the Mistress for and feel free to give me more than one name. HOUSES OF DOMINATION DO NOT COUNT. A MISTRESS YOU SAW ONLY ONCE DOES NOT COUNT.



*If you do not hear from me in a reasonable amount of time, it’s because I feel as though we are truly not well suited. Do not be tenacious, just look elsewhere.