The things listed below are completely unfulfilling to me. If they are of great interest to you, then look elsewhere. If you mention one of these things in your email, it will automatically be put in the trash. Do not waste my time.

Foot Worship- I do not cater to foot fetishists!

Body Worship- biting, sucking or licking is something I never allow on ANY part of my body.

Brown and Roman Showers, Switch Sessions, Wrestling

Asphyxiation, Nudity, Spitting, Boot licking

Enemas- You must take care of yourself beforehand/the morning of our session. I also expect a clean diet for 2-3 days leading up until our play, including fasting the day of. If you are dirty, there will be NO ANAL PLAY!

Sex- Straight and Oral

WARNING! No wandering hands during a session. If you think you will get more of a physical punishment, you’re wrong. You will be asked to leave immediately, never to see me again.