Do you accept personal slaves or houseboys? No and NO!

Would you be open to lunch/dinner? Yes, but only if it’s part of the session. When we are out, I prefer you to be in discreet bondage, panties/stockings or chastity.   See session options 

Do you do doubles? Yes, but only with a Dom that I have a personal relationship with.   See links

Can one of your vanilla girlfriends come to watch for a bit? Of course! Note that a small tribute would be asked of you.

Possible to have a submissive girl join? Not anymore. I’m just not into it.

Where are you located? My studio is located one subway stop from Grand Central Station, just outside Manhattan.

How tall are you? I’m 5’5 without heels.

What are some of your favorite activities? Immobilization, Teasing & Denial and Nurse/Patient Scenarios. Note these are SOME of my favorites, for I love EVERYTHING THAT I DO!!!!

Why don’t you allow body worship? I simply do not enjoy it.

Do you share your space with others/rent it out? I do not share with others, nor do I rent my space out to anyone for anything. Photographers included.

Do you smoke? NO

Is there are shower at your facility? Yes, I have a full bathroom.

I’m always a little nervous before playtime. Do you offer anything to drink in order to take the edge off? Oh yes I do! I always have vodka and single malt scotch for the gentlemen.

You rarely do photo shoots, why is this? I’d love to see more pictures of you on a frequent basis. #1 I don’t have time. #2 I highly dislike having my photo taken. I’d rather be behind the camera than in front of it. #3 If you want to see more photos of me on a regular basis, JOIN ONLY FANS! See links