Posted on Feb 2, 2018

TRAVEL DATES & TRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS- I will be traveling on March 7th until March 16th. I will not be responding to emails during this time. Feel free to follow me and my adventures on OnlyFans, I will be posting every single day.

In terms of my tribute, it is now $450 per hour for all new clients and $420 per hour for all clients prior to 2018. For sessions that are 5 or more hours, it is $400 per hour. Outcalls are $500 per hour.


In slightly older news…


-After 10 years of not accepting novices, I have finally opened my doors. Why you ask? Passing 20 years in the biz had me thinking about my clients in general and when we first met. SO many long timers came to me with no experience. They were newbies that I broke in and now they are greatly experienced. It’s amazing. Once I came to that realization, I thought, I really want to play with novices again!! So, novices, here is what it takes…

1. A proper and respectful email

2. Joining OnlyFans

3. Joining NiteFlirt so that a screening call can be made

*Note that I will not take deposits, so do not ask to send.

That’s it! Let the games begin!!


-For those who do not have great references, are scared of an email trail or who do not have tons of experience, not to worry, we can set up a time to talk on NiteFlirt. Just shoot me a message on there. This screening has been working nicely for me lately and I have been connecting with wonderful clients.


-When inquiring about a session, it is important to ask about SPECIFIC DATES AND TIMES!! Getting bored with “thinking of coming in soon” “thinking about coming in next week” followed by “are you around” and/or “what’s your schedule like”. These emails are OFFICIALLY going to be ignored from this point on.


-I am not going to surprise you with guests! If you would like for someone to join us in a session, then please tell me so that I make sure you bring the proper tribute.